Saturday, October 2, 2010

She was asian.

Fake coupons lady
Gets yelled at by manager
Runs out, leaves baby.

She came back like 2 minutes later, to be fair.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who loves orange soda?

Earlier today as I was ringing someone up, I notice out of the corner of my eye a middle aged man giving me strange looks. He walks behind a display right in-front of the entrance (between him and I), seems to move something, looks and me again, and then walks out.

I looked out the huge window to my back and saw him step into his car with a case of Sunkist. It was a nice car by the way. Honestly I just dont care when people steal. I'm not being payed enough to care. But for some reason something felt off, you know? I wrote down his licenses plate number and called the manager's office.

Turns out, yep, he stole it. But more intriguingly; he's picking up a prescription at the pharmacy later in the day.


So we wait. And we wait and wait because we all hate this place and there is nothing to do. And finally he comes in (I watch this happen from across the store, my counter being in the front with pharmacy's in the back). My manager walks up behind their counter with a case of orange soda, they speak for a few moments, and the man leaves with his prescription.

A few moments later he comes up and tells me what happened.

"So the I just brought the soda up to the register and went "I'm just going to ring this up because I believe you took one by mistake without paying earlier." and the guy says "Uh, oh. Y-yeah that may have been possible."

Later in the day while I was on break I come back to find out that during a huge rush out of nowhere, one woman:  walked up to the hair products, picked up a bottle of something, looked at the manager, put it back down and walked out. Then did it AGAIN a minute later. THEN did it once more a minute later but actually stole the bottle as the manager watched from the office.

This town sucks.

Monday, August 30, 2010

My mom is so gay.

I turned into the parking lot and parked in the first vacant spot I could find. My car's clock was set six minutes early, but I still end up being late. As I get up and close the door, I hear something. Someone screaming - yelling to be more precise. I turn just in time to see a kid that can be no over fourteen years old stomp out of the passenger seat of a ford taurus. The following was heard coming out of his rage hole:


 Followed by a war cry I don't think included vowels. And with that, the boy threw his cellphone against the parking lot's asphalt - hard. Quickly taking a squat Indian style (surely to contemplate the nature of a ripe orange), he sunk his head into his palms. Then there was silence.

As soon as I got inside I told the nearest co-worker of this. Within 30 seconds my manager calls two others to the front and they head to the entrance. There I saw the entirety of our store's employees watching the climax of this slice of suburbia through our front doors.

I got there in time to see him pick up the pieces of nokia and get back in the car. It promptly drove away. I have never seen the mother or child again.